Golan Heights

Departing from:

Netania 6:30 hours
Herzlia 7:00 hours
Tel Aviv 7:15 hours
Jerusalem 8:30 hours


120$-130$ Per Person (depending on the city of departure)


The Golan Heights is a plateau on the border of Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. Its geographical borders encompass about 1,200 square kilometres (460 sq mi).

Jordan Valley: Drive north along the coastal road to Poriya for overview of Sea of Galilee, Jordan Valley and Golan Heights.

Hammat Gader: Continue to overlook of Hammat Gader and ascend the Golan Heights to Shalom Observatory.

Katzrin: Onwards to the city of Katzrin, the museum and the excavations of Talmudic Katzrin. Visit the ancient synagouge of Katzrin.

Israel-Syria border: Ascend Mt Bental, overlook Kuneitra Valley and the triangular border with Syria, Jordan and Israel. Continue and stop at former Syrian fortification. Return south to hotels via Jordan River crossing.


* Hat and comfortable shoes required.


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