Bethlehem Half Day Tour


Departing From:

Netania 6:30 hours
Herzlia 7:00 hours
Tel Aviv 7:15 hours
Jerusalem 9:00 hours


70 – 88$ Per Person (depending on the city of departure)

Meet and pick up in Jerusalem from major hotels.

Church of the Nativity, and the church of Milk grotto. The Church of the Nativity is one of the oldest continuously operating churches in the world. The structure is built over the cave that tradition marks as the birthplace of Christ, and it is considered sacred by followers of both Christianity and Islam. The current basilica was rebuilt in its present form in 565 by the Emperor Justinian I.  When the Persians under Chosroes II invaded in 614, they unexpectedly did not destroy the structure.

Overlook the shepherd fields and visit the church. Return to Jerusalem.


*The tour ends in Jerusalem.

*Additional $15 – join return to Tel Aviv from Holocaust museum.
*Passports and modest dress compulsory.
*This tour is subject to Palestinian authority regulations.


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